PP REVENGE 7 inch Sleeve

PP Rockers [single] | unreleased
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SQUEAKY WHEEL 7inch500rev

Squeaky Little Wheel 7 inch | buy now : $6

This is the real deal! 5 tracks on RED VINYL.
Just like mommy used to rock!

5 songs:
Squeaky Little Wheel
Teeny Tiny Fists of Fury
Little Bastard Girl
Tiger Lilly (LUNA COVER)

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Banana Attack_Sleeve

Banana Attack ep | out of print/sold out

PPEP001 This ep contains remixes and various dubs of the robotic-beat-injected hit, bananaman/eggboy and a brand new monkey mix of the poo poodles classic bananas.
Also includes the bananaman/eggboy version-bananas galore!

5 tracks. Strictly limited to 25 numbered copies.



here comes the future… the future is now [cd + t-shirt combo]
buy now : $20.00
here comes the future… the future is now [cd only]
buy now : $10.00

PP00009/QL094 This release is a special collaboration between the poo poodles and THE QUIET LIFE. Contains 25 remastered tracks, including freddie mercury is punker than you, punk! A great introduction to the band and desirable for the poo poodles #1 fans as it contains tracks from the out of print recording nerds on parade and the hit single frusciante.


poo poodles-frusciante_Sleevefrusciante [single] | out of print

PP00008 The poo poodles ode to the Chili Pepper’s guitarist and wacky solo artist.
This single sold out and is out of print.
(The extended mix is available on here comes the future… the future is now)


poo poodles "We Go Jackpot"

We Go Jackpot | out of print

PP00007 This long delayed recording contains the most cowbell ever on a poo poodles recording. Are you man (or woman) enough for MANBEAST? Also contains the robotic-beat-injected hit, bananaman/eggboy.
10 tracks.

SLAVE (Rolling Stones)




songs about babies and kitties | out of print

PP00006 A collection of old songs, previously unreleased songs, some dub mixes and a new single. Something to sate the poo poodles #1 fans and naysayers until the oft-delayed we go jackpot finally was released.
Included the new single “Naked Dance”.



we are the greatest band on the planet | out of print

PP00005 The poo poodles “college rock” record. 19 tracks recorded at cul-de-sac recordings studios, this recording features the poodles utilizing live drums on most tracks. Includes the fan favorites belly, chipmunk and the classic he is the autobahn. Check out he is the autobahn here!


Kitten ep_Sleeve

kitten ep | out of print + lost



here comes the future/the future is now | out of print

PP00003 The poo poodles most critically acclaimed piece, this eclectic set features everything from searing punk – I want my food, to reggae – irie vibes, to rockabilly – splatter pants, spread over 30 tracks. The final track, ballad of purrmaster, was a last minute addition that the group recorded when Blackie, featured on the cover, suddenly passed away. Originally released in 2001.

oopsy doodle (here come the poodles)
here comes the future/the future is now
teeny tiny fists of fury
making bisquits/digging tunnels
pretty little flower
salvation army thriftstore pile
g.i.r.l.s. rule the world
splatter pants
I want my food
the backwards hand
irie vibes
irie dub
from a taped marked poodles beats
poodles rock squeaky clean
squeaky little wheel
weird new song about babies and kitties
share my flave
squealing baby downstairs in A minor
living room rock pt. 1 and 2
golden moment/golden surprise
song: nugget
freaky little pony
hangin’ with my girlfriend
poo poodles’ ohn carpenter’s theme
ballad of purrmaster

***The original issue contained the Ace Frehley classic “Rocket Ride.” This track was removed from later versions, so if you have the original sell it on ebay!***


Punk Rock Fury_Sleeve

punk rock fury | out of print

PP00002 This classic was originally intended to be a “covers” record, an experiment, really, to learn the sonic power of 4 seperate audio tracks. But the poo poodles ended up with nine new originals (plus 2 versions of the title track and a heavier version of little bastard girl.) This is kind of a sister recording to here comes the future/the future is now as the sessions for both recordings overlapped. “Yeah,” says P, “it was like a Parliament/Funkadelic situation, I didn’t know which tracks were for what!”


nerds on parade | out of print

PP00001 The astonishing debut! Originally a cassette only release, this recording is super rare and unfortunately out of print. A few cd copies are in circulation so find the poo poodles #1 fan who has it and work out a trade. 22 tracks – most of the poo poodles classics are here: little bastard girl, old style, sad song, poodles are nippin’ at your heels, P-3, potato pancakes, bananas, hey mama papa says, and on and on!

***Several of the tracks from this release have been remastered
and are on here comes the future… the future is now (PP00009/QL094)***

***please be advised that all poo poodles releases,
with the exception of PP00009/QL094, are DIY releases.
we are a completely independent band.***